Runway Your Way

This past weekend was filled with fashion fun and must-haves!  Megan Fullerton's Spring/Summer 2017 collection made it's way to the runway at Austin Fashion Week. A collection of looks stunned on-goers as the Lennox Crop Jacket, Arc Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Catrina Strap Dress, and more made its way down the runway. King and Rose Eyewear collaborated with the brand completing the summer must-have looks.  Vertical and horizontal stripes paired with bold wild florals echoed a balanced unique pattern combo. The Magnolia White Arc Jumpsuit made its debut on the runway this past Thursday creating a splash with the audience. The cool white and silk embellishments worked the runway effortlessly. The S/S 17 collection received great applause and made its mark in Austin this past week. Shop the runway looks and rock your own runway effortlessly!