Our core values are stitched into every aspect of the brand and provides a strong foundation of customer service, quality, and design. These values define our culture, and voice of Megan Fullerton Women's Wear. 


-All of our clients come first above all. The best shopping experience is key and the most important thing to us. We value all of our clients and will offer the BEST customer service 100% of the time. 


-All of our pieces are designed, cut, and sewn to perfection. We carry sizes 4-14 that fits true to size (review size chart). Our patterns are cut to compliment the natural full shape of women's bodies. Each look is carefully designed for flexibility, comfort, and functionality. The best fabrics, trims, and finishes are applied with love and care right here in Atlanta GA. 


-Everything that we do, we do for you. From the very first step of the design process down to the hand tags, Megan Fullerton is thinking about YOU. You can shop worry free knowing we though of everything!


Megan Fullerton Women's Wear provides quality and innovative ready-to-wear pieces to confident women in a contemporary environment with an empowering voice. Helping women to feel bold, powerful, and most importantly in control of their destiny.